Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bolton Elementary's Mock Election 2008 - With a 21st Century Twist

Bolton Elementary Students participated in a mock election using 21st century learning skills October 28th, 2008. Teachers all over the school have been teaching about the election giving our students a well-rounded and comprehensive education about the process. A genuine effort was made to make this mock election as realistic as possible.
In the weeks leading up to our mock election all 2nd through 5th grade students registered to vote online using a custom form placed on the school's website. Each registration form was printed, and class sets were given to homeroom teachers. Kindergarten and first grade students were provided a voter registration card with a line on which to print their name. All students were required to have their voter registration and check in before they were allowed to vote. All the 5th grade classes took shifts manning the polls as classes came to cast their votes.
To complement instruction about the election the school's tri-weekly news broadcast team began doing election reports at the very beginning of the school year. They covered everything from polls, to political parties, and profiled candidates as well. Thanks to parental permission and the permission of our principal, the entire broadcast crew covered vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden's political rally held at nearby Wake Forest University on Oct. 23rd. Each of the seven students interviewed everybody from university officials, to local law enforcement, to people attending the rally and campaign volunteers. An edited report was shown on the Monday, Oct. 27 news broadcast.
The mock election was run off the school's teaching blog, "Bolton Bloggers," using a web 2.0 survey tool. This allowed classes to cast their votes quickly (around 10 minutes/class) and get on with the rest of their day.
President (692 teachers/students casting votes)
Winner: Barack Obama - 576 votes (83%)
John McCain - 101 votes (15%)
Bob Barr - 15 votes (2%)

NC Governor (658 teachers/students casting votes)
Winner: Bev Perdue - 331 votes (50 %)
Pat McCrory  - 194 votes (29%)
Michael Munger - 133 (20 %)

 Local CBS affiliate WFMY News 2 covered the mock election on their 6 PM newscast Oct. 28th.


  1. Great blog. Thanks for the info. I work at Speas Elementary and plan to use the flip on the blog as well. Love your format!

  2. super exercise for the children to learn civic responsibility!

  3. This was very intereting and students seemed very engaged

  4. The students did a really good job on this activity. The post shows the true depth of their knowledge.